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Ushacomm, with its latest light weight Customer Care & Billing suite Unicorn 10 (U10), a portfolio of pre-integrated products and business solutions, supports all lines of business and across technologies including 3G, 4G, WiMAX or Multi-play services.

  • Convergent platform for all Legacy as well as Next generation technologies and Services
  • Feature-rich and flexible Product Catalogue to enable quick go-to-market
  • Integrated Sales and Prospect management to achieve business growth
  • Convergent platform fir End-to-end Registration and Workflow-based Service Fulfillment
  • Workflow-based Compliant Management and Customer Service solution
  • Advanced Self-Care for subscribers and dealers/sales agents via Web and USSD
  • Optional pre-integrated Mobile Self Care App
  • Online and rule-based Rating and Charging
  • Hot and Cyclic Billing with multi-group and multicycle support
  • Receivable Management working seamlessly for individual as well as corporate hierarchies
  • Online Credit Control and Dunning with promise to Pay feature
  • Open Interface Frameworks for flexible and quick integration with 3rd party systems
  • Scalable solution to support 'grow-as-you-go' model with in-built load balancing

Unicorn 10 - the power of 10

  1. Web Based GUI with Quick Customer Registration
  2. Multi-play
  3. Prospect Management
  4. Dealer Management
  5. Equipment and Network Inventory
  6. Mobile Number Portability
  7. 360 degree view of Subscribers
  8. Mobile Self Care
  9. Multi-Dimensional Convergences
  10. Hosted Deployment

Unicorn, the convergent Customer Care & Billing solution from Ushacomm, is built to improve customer experience across various verticals and geographies. Designed on layered technology in a brick-by-brick modular framework, Unicorn allows the service providers to phase their billing deployment depending on the budget and adapt their ad-hoc and planned requirements, rapidly and seamlessly.

Unicorn has been designed to be a state-of-the-art solution for various industry verticals and enables service providers to remain competitive. The product is capable of real-time processing and generation of bills in various languages and currencies. The system supports linking remote nodes or offices by client-server or a-web-based architecture and bill payments can be made at remote offices.


  • Rapidly Deployable
  • Easily Customizable
  • Completely Convergent
  • Completely Modular
  • Rules-driven

Major Modules:
Application Modules

Offering Management
Offering Management/Packaging is a tool that enables the marketing department of a Service Provider to address the requirements of the subscribers as a whole. Packaging helps in reducing churn and provides the Service Provider with options to create and launch competitive services and bundles through an intuitive GUI. The flexibility of providing different products and services to different sets of direct and indirect subscribers and packaging such products and services as product packages and product plans form the core strengths of this module.

The system supports defining promotions or special offers to customers/ prospects. The system maintains records of all types of packages, plans, promotions offered by the Service Provider.Promotional offers may be defined for certain limited time period for the customers.

The Unicorn Packaging module provides the Service Provider with the facility of defining plans, products, components, discounts, unit credit and packages that can be attached to the service(s) being offered. The operator is able to define the charges (Recurring, Non-Recurring and Usage) to be considered while defining the plans, products and packages.

Customer Care
A Customer Care system allows a Service Provider to build and maintain a satisfying relationship with customers and enables the Service Provider to acquire and retain customers. Unicorn Customer Care module provides an effective solution to boost the productivity of the CSRs through the accurate capturing of information and generating quality responses and actionable reports. This module in Unicorn provides for registration of customer names, creating new customer accounts, registering online customer complaints and providing service numbers to the registered customers. In short, the Service Provider can access the complete detail of a registered subscriber from the system.
Unicorn supports N-level customer hierarchy. There is no inherent limitation in the system as to the level of customer hierarchy it can support. The entire customer hierarchy is displayed on the left panel of the screen in an inverted tree-like structure which allows the users to have single view of all the customers.

The Customer Care module is part of the core Unicorn system and fully integrated with all otherCRM modules such as Prospect Management and Marketing, Service Provisioning, Service Order and Work-flow Management, Account Receivables, Trouble Ticket Management etc.

Service Provisioning

The purpose of Service Provisioning is to activate/de-activate customer services rapidly across multi-vendor and multi-technology network elements. The service activation or deactivation requests from other modules such as customer care, inventory, credit control and fraud management can be serviced by this module. The rule based activation module is flexible and can easily be configured to service any new request with ease.

Service Order & Work-flow Management
The Order Management System is an aid to the automated management of business processes. The system provides an environment for creation and monitoring of instances of multiple work-flows and assigning human and material resources to the atomic activities constituting the work-flow. It has a set of default service orders with specified order types.
The module assists in streamlining service operations. It can be configured to check for valid allocations of products/services through the interface with Packaging and generate appropriate actions. It checks for serviceability of all service requests entered in context of availability of order items or feasibility of implementing the request in an area.

Trouble Ticketing
The trouble ticket system acts like an organizational chart, coordinating the work of multiple people who may need to work on the problem. The trouble ticket system assigns a ticket number for each complaint logged and this number is provided to the customer for future reference and for tracking the status of the problem.

The trouble ticketing system provides a GUI to enable the CSR to log a complaint. The system acts as short-term memory about specific problems for the operator as a whole. It provides a complete history of the problem, so that any user can understand the problem and take the next appropriate step without having to consult with other users who have worked on it. The module helps in scheduling the trouble tickets by assigning priorities, keeping track of current trouble tickets as well as calling additional staff if required. The module is also integrated with the mailing system so that e-mails can be sent to engineers working on the trouble ticket as and when required.

Web Self Care

Ushacomm's Web Self Care is an innovative, customer-centric, web-based application that acts as an interactive tool for subscribers to manage their account. Offering a direct link to billing and customer care facilities, Web Self Care enables the consumer to explore the offerings and services; engage in online purchase; book and monitor service problems; view and download bills; and make on-line payments.

Web Dealer Care

Web Dealer Care provides a web interface to the Dealers/CSRs so that they can manage customer’s subscription / payments / queries independently.. The access control mechanism of the WDC allows Dealers/CSRs or resellers only to view and manage their respective accounts/customers.

Ushacomm's Roaming module provides complete charging facilities for the roaming records generated on 2, 2.5 and 3G mobile networks. Our Roaming module offers full TAP 3 support; advanced pricing and re-pricing facilities; TAP and RAP generation; and reject file-processing capabilities. The solution works seamlessly with the pricing and tariff plans of a third party billing system to process roaming usage records in the VPLMN, and generate TAP 3 files. Ushacomm Roaming is also capable of independently maintaining tariff plans, PLMN plans and codes, tax details, exchange rates and has the capability to offer queries on roaming data as well.


  • Assures Revenue
    Enables communications service providers to efficiently manage the charging of roaming contract agreements, secure and assure revenue, and better manage new business models.
  • Interoperability
    Supports the roaming requirements of today and those of tomorrow across interoperable next-generation network platforms.
  • Quick TO Deploy
    Installs easily and uses a rules-driven engine, so the system is quickly operational, easy to learn and keeps ownership costs low.

Engine Modules


Rating module of Unicorn deals with the pricing of all Call Detail Records (CDRs) obtained fromMediation, which is the intermediate system between the Switch and the Billing System. This module can handle different technologies in Wired, Wireless and IP domains and has the flexibility of charging the CDRs irrespective of Technology and Platforms.
The Rating module is capable of handling charges based on the day of the week and time of the day, holiday and location. The rates to be applied to a particular subscriber are defined in the Customer Care module, whereas rate details are defined in packaging module and applied to the usage details through rules.


Ushacomm’s Discounting module enables the service providers to remain competitive and minimize customer churn by providing dynamic discounts on specific charges incurred by an account holder, depending on their usage and credentials. The discounting engine manages process loads optimally with inbuilt persistence, and performance is enhanced by breaking down a large cycle of discounts into smaller jobs to reduce memory requirements.

The Billing module produces bills for the service providers and subsequent customer, detailing charges against the type of plan the customer is subscribed to. The invoice comprises of charges incurred by the customer over a fixed period of time This module performs the tasks of summarizing all the data pertaining to a customer, the usage of the service provider’s services by the customer, recurring charges and finally producing a presentable bill.

The Billing module is able to generate convergent bills for the service provider. If a service provider is offering different services such as VoIP, Telephony, and Cable Television, the Billing module produces a single bill showing all the respective charges and details.

Unicorn Advantages:

  • Easily adaptable billing solution so that communications Service Providers can quickly roll out new tariff structures and marketing campaigns at a low cost.
  • Designed to facilitate convergent technologies and new business models: the system can quickly adapt to new business rules within the convergent space.
  • The component based architecture of Unicorn enables quick customization in a cost effective manner.
  • Fail-safe and guarantees revenue assurance.
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